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Welcome to the Mendoza Behavioral Lab (MBL)

The MBL is one component of our comprehensive Research Team designed to support the entire arc of the research process from design to analysis to publication. The MBL is a research center designed for examining human behavior as it relates to business. Faculty experiments conducted in the lab contribute to our understanding of individuals, groups, and organizations and serve to advance the College’s tradition of thought leadership in accounting, finance, information technology (IT), management, organizational behavior, analytics, and marketing. 

The lab offers students the opportunity to gain an understanding of and appreciation for research and its processes. By participating in lab experiments, students gain an added dimension to their business education. Also, members of the local community and beyond are invited to participate in online and laboratory experiments by signing up for the MBL research panel.

Experiments are often conducted in Room L051, on the lower level of the Mendoza College of Business, designed for the lab with private computer stations and other unique features. The use of our facilities, whether the lab or elsewhere in Mendoza, is flexible and driven purely by each researcher’s study design. The MBL has recently accommodated studies utilizing online surveys, in-person negotiations, screen-based eye tracking, webcams, and an open-source video game, for example. We offer resources for field study research and intra-University, cross-discipline collaboration. The MBL is equipped to conduct experiments 5 days per week, including evening hours in the lab or online. Additionally, the behavioral research program director and staff can facilitate research needs that are not represented here. See the tab For Researchers for specific information.

For more information about the MBL and Mendoza research, please email the behavioral research program director. The program director also serves as Mendoza IRB Liaison to assist researchers through the IRB application and approval processes, thus providing an in-house resource for all Mendoza researchers.