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Participate in Research - Advance the Common Good

For Individuals: MBL Research Panel

The faculty at the Mendoza College of Business have a strong tradition of contributing relevant, insightful thought leadership to the business world and beyond. Faculty research appears in premier academic journals and is often cited in business media outlets.

Exposure to research is part of the educational experience at Mendoza. Some students participate in studies in partial fulfillment of course requirements. In contrast, others experience the research process firsthand by serving as research assistants in the Mendoza Behavioral Lab (MBL) or individual faculty members.

Help faculty uncover business insights that advance the common good and, in turn, educates our students. We want to grow our research participant pool for future laboratory and online studies. You can be part of this important work by signing up for the MBL research panel.


To sign up for the research panel, you must:

  • be at least 18 years old
  • complete the prescreen questionnaire 

Sign up for the Research Panel

Note: Undergraduate students at the University of Notre Dame should not sign up for the panel. To participate in our student pool, please contact the MBL for details. Graduate students may sign up. 

After Joining the Panel 

Participants are selected for future studies based on a set of criteria designated by the researcher. If you meet the research study requirements, a research assistant will contact you by email with specifics about the study and how to sign-up. Compensation for participating varies by study.

For Companies: Mendoza Research Partners

Management & Organization faculty at the Mendoza College of Business study human resource management and people analytics. Research topics include engagement, personality, diversity and inclusion, trust, ethics, justice, well-being, and leadership. We seek companies with 500 or more employees to become Mendoza Research Partners. Company employees serve as research participants and are compensated after completing online surveys.

How Your Company Benefits

  • Investigate employee issues important to the company
  • Receive feedback on our research findings
  • Generate publicity as a research partner via social media and within our publications
  • Opportunity for future research or informal consulting from the Mendoza Organizational Behavior faculty

Contact Us

To learn more about the MBL Research Panel or Mendoza Research Partners, please contact our research staff at