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The Mendoza Behavioral Lab (MBL) supports human experiments that shed light on the behavior of individuals, groups, and organizations. The goals of the MBL are to support Mendoza faculty researchers and provide an opportunity for business students to understand the importance of research and its processes. The MBL contributes to Mendoza’s reputation for excellence in academic research and enhances the College’s ability to attract and retain top business scholars. 

The MBL is based in the Mendoza College of Business of the University of Notre Dame in Notre Dame, Indiana, 46556. The lab began in 2011 in accordance with a plan created by a cross-functional faculty work group representing the academic departments of accounting, management, marketing as well as the Dean’s office. Since then, the MBL has been growing to meet the demands of a world-class university business behavioral laboratory.

The MBL operates under the policies and oversight of the University of Notre Dame’s Institutional Review Board (IRB), which operates in compliance with federal, state, and local laws and regulations that address research projects involving human subjects or materials collected from humans. The behavioral research program director serves as Mendoza IRB Liaison to assist researchers through the IRB application and approval processes, thus providing an in-house resource for all Mendoza researchers.

The MBL faculty director is Senior Associate Dean for Faculty and Research, Ken Kelley, who can be reached by email at kkelley@nd.edu or by phone number 574-631-1459.

The MBL behavioral research program director is Letecia McKinney; she can be reached by email at lmckinn2@nd.edu and by phone number 574-631-6989.