Requesting Lab Space

MBL primarily utilizes room L051 located in the Mendoza lower level. L051 is equipped with computers at private stations centrally controlled by the lab administrator. With this setup, the lab can concurrently run a number of different studies and allow the program director to manage participant levels needed for each study over the period of a semester, year, or other specified time periods. Also with this setup and the SONA system, the lab can monitor study participation to ensure that subjects are assigned to different studies each time they come to the lab. If L051 is not the appropriate venue for your study, the MBL has use of several other rooms and Giovanini Commons as needed. The biometric lab, located on the third floor of Mendoza, is equipped with a screen based eye tracker, galvanic skin response device and software to analyze facial expressions. We invite you to partner with our team in developing the execution of your study to fit your aims. The sooner you can involve us in your plans, the more we will be able to tailor the environment for you and meet your participant requirements.